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How Water Aerobics Has Evolved

Whether on land or in the water we are all aware of the cardiovascular benefits of a good aerobic activity. Aqua aerobics, also known as water aerobics, allows for a safer and healthier exercise as compared to other forms of exercise, mainly because aqua exercises are considered low impact thereby reducing strain on your bones, muscle and joints. Ninety percent of the weight is supported by water.

When water aerobics were first introduced in the early 1980s all you needed after registration at your local pool or fitness center was a bathing suit. Perhaps also a bathing cap and/or nose plugs. Back then you didn't have a choice of what type of class you could take that you would benefit from. It was basically one size fits all. Today you can take water therapy classes and numerous aquatic aerobics from passive/beginner to advanced.

Aerobic exercises have really come a long way since its beginning of simply jogging in shallow water. And today's aquatic programs incorporate not only music, but video too. Aquatic exercises have applied more than 100 types of other aerobics to encourage maximum results.

Equipment used in today's aquatic programs also differs from yesterday’s, and varies depending on the program you join. A water weight, floating belt and other gear may need to be purchased. These items increase water resistance and help in floatation and balance. You can also purchase chorine resistant swimsuits and other high-functioning swimwear, which is a great investment over time.

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