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eGift Card Terms & Conditions

  • Gift cards and eGift cards can be used for all Swimsuits For All® purchases.
  • eGift cards can be emailed to any individual with a valid email address. The recipient of an eGift card will receive one email including two important numbers: the eGift card number and the pin.
  • On a physical gift card, the pin number can be found under the silver scratch-off patch on the back of the card.  The gift card number and pin for an eGift card can be found in the eGift card email message sent to you.
  • Gift cards are non-refundable, are not redeemable for cash or check and cannot be applied as payment to any account, except to the extent required by law.
  • A shipping fee of $1.95 applies to gift cards, but is not applicable to eGift cards. The shipping fee is Taxable in IN, NY and TX.
  • Our gift cards and eGift cards are redeemable only at Swimsuits For All
  • Our gift cards and eGift cards cannot be used to purchase other gift cards or eGift cards.
  • Please note that we cannot replace a lost or stolen gift card/eGift card.
  • Gift cards may be shipped in the United States only.

Use of the card constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions issued by FULLBEAUTY Brands Gift Cards, Inc.