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Water Aerobics for All Ages – How to Cater Your Workout for You

Most kids count down the days to the opening of the city pool. As we grow older, the water continues to hold its magic, and we often try to be near it during vacations and times of leisure. Perhaps because so many of us find water so fun to be around, water aerobics is way that people from five to fifty can have fun and get fit.

Customizing a water aerobics workout for children means making it all about fun. Kids love putting on athletic swimwear and hopping in the pool, so kids water aerobics emphasizes fun. Some great water aerobics ideas for kids include:

  • Kicking
  • Stretching
  • Games involving cardio

If you're going to have your kids going to water aerobics frequently, you might want to invest in chlorine resistant swimwear. A chlorine resistant swimsuit will last longer against the chemicals used in public pools.

Like kids, teens and young adults enjoy having fun, and they're often flexible. Pairing stretching and cardio with laps or competitive swimming games is a great strategy, though teens should invest in cross back swimwear or racerback swimwear before taking these classes. A cross back swimsuit or racerback swimsuit can stand up against this type of exercise.

Finally, older or overweight people will find out that the movement troubles disappear when they hit the pool. Starting out with slow exercises, older and overweight people can use water aerobics to get used to moving again. From children to adults, water aerobics is a fun way for people to get and stay fit!

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