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Packing Clothes for a Vacation

Congrats— your vacation is right around the corner! You can't stop thinking about lying in the sun, listening to the sound of the waves and sipping on a tropical, fruity drink. But before that happens you have to pack&ellip; grrrr.

Let's face it— packing isn't that fun. You don't know exactly what to pack, there isn't enough room for everything you want to pack, you're scared you'll forget something, the list goes on.

Did you know there are actual packing guidelines to help you take maximum advantage of your suitcase's space? Let's dive right in so you can get packing!

Grab all of the clothes you want to pack. Once you have everything gathered together, take a last look and then put half of them back. With the remaining clothes, choose clothes that are in the same color family and will mix and match well. Always pack more tops than bottoms. The average check-in bag fits about two pairs of jeans, three sweaters, two dresses, and five shirts. Take that into consideration when packing.

Choose "multi-taskers." When possible, pick garments that will do double duty. For instance, if you are going somewhere tropical with a beach, choose a sundress that can also dress up to transition to night. A belt, different sandals and great accessories will dress up a look instantly. Similarly, items like yoga pants can do double duty as pajamas.

Roll soft clothes and fold the more structured items. Things like underwear, t-shirts, pajamas, knitwear, jeans and cotton items should be rolled. Stiff shirts and anything which will wrinkle should definitely be folded.

Put the rolled items in the bottom of the bag. The folded items will go on top of your rolled items.

Place folded garments next. On top of the rolled items you will want to start with the longest items, like skirts and slacks. Stack these garments. You're going to want to alternate waists with hems.

Cover the piles with a dry-cleaning bag. Also try placing a bag between each layer of clothing. Pull the ends of the bag up on either side to get to a layer easily.

Put your necessities on top. On the top of all your garments, place items that you're going to need to access quickly without having to unpack the entire suitcase. Things like sundresses, pajamas and nightgowns, bathing suits, bathing suit coverups and a bra and underwear for example.

If you follow the steps above not only will you have an organized suitcase, but you will max out its space and cut down on wrinkled clothes and mismatched outfits. Bon Voyage!

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