Here at Swimsuits For All, we believe that every body is beautiful. It doesn’t matter what your shape or size is, you were born to shine in swimwear as gorgeous as you are. While our suits are designed to look incredible on all body types, there are certain styles of swimwear that complement specific shapes best. For instance, we recommend that ladies with a pear body shape suit up in styles like swimdresses, sarong front swimsuits, ruched one pieces and flared tankinis. That’s because, if you classify yourself as a pear body shape, your figure is fullest through the hips and thighs and narrower in the waistline and shoulders. Ideally, you’ll want swimwear that minimizes the appearance of the hips and instead accentuates your waistline. To help you find the perfect swimsuit for your pear body shape, we highly suggest taking a look at our easy-to-use fit guide. There, you’ll find more information on your body type, as well as tips on proper measuring practices to suit yourself best.