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Water Aerobics for Physical Therapy Needs

One of the most unpleasant parts of injury recovery can be physical therapy. Often, the therapy is uncomfortable and repetitive, as traumatized muscles learn to function together again. Although exercise and motion are essential for injury recovery, there are more effective and interesting ways to go about it than ever before.

Water aerobics, also known as aqua aerobics, can be an excellent alternative to traditional physical therapy techniques. Not only can the rehabilitation be performed in a comfortable and fun environment— your local pool— but the benefits of water-based recovery are myriad.

  • No joint strain. No pounding pavement or hefting weights here. Moving through the water helps joints stay loose and muscles get the resistance they need.
  • Effective. A water workout can do the same thing a traditional recovery session can, and usually in less time.
  • Fun. There are multiple ways to use aqua aerobics to either speed a recovery or help a chronic condition. They can be done alone or in a class, but always at your own pace.
  • Sensible. This isn't about girls tanning on the pool deck. Multiple sport and chlorine-resistant swimsuit options, even warm long torso swimwear, exist to help anyone get the most out of a water workout.
  • Physical therapy. It is a necessity for many people and thousands of conditions, but why not do it in such a way that promotes good health and comes built-in with the ability to enjoy yourself?
  • Water aerobics. Try it. Your body will thank you.
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