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What's the Best Gear for Your Swimming Workout

You've made the commitment to improve your life through better health. Signing up for a swimming workout class was your first step. Now, you need to find the right gear before you take your first plunge into the pool.

What suits you?
Finding the perfect suit can be a daunting task. Remember, when you are working out in the pool, you are going for comfort and practicality. Find a suit with the following features:

  • Chlorine proof, or chlorine resistant swimwear: Chlorine can wear out the material of your swimsuit over time. If you plan to take weekly swimming workout classes, then you need to invest in a suit that is going to last.
  • Cross-back or racer-back swimwear: you will need a suit that provides comfort, flexibility and support. A one piece suit with either a cross-back or racer-back will securely stay fitted to your body during all movements.
  • Fabric: most swimsuits are made from a nylon/spandex blend. You can also find polyester swimwear that works well for water aerobic related activities.

Other accessories
You may decide to purchase other accessories to wear during your swimming workout.

  • Aqua shoes or aquatic joggers: wearing shoes in the pool will increase traction and give you the feeling of jogging on a track. They also prevent foot injuries.
  • Swim cap: wearing a swim cap will protect your hair from the damaging chlorine.
  • Goggles: Water workouts may require you to go underwater. Protecting your eyes should be a priority.
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