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Preparing for a Tropical Vacation

Planning a tropical vacation? Your excitement for your getaway is no doubt growing by the day.

But along with that excitement there may be a creeping sense of dread and/or anxiety. However, you don't need to worry because there are several last minute things you can do to look better in a bathing suit for your vacay!

Bathing suit
It's important choose a swimsuit that flatters your body type as well as compliments your style. Black is always slimming; halters are too. There are so many swimsuits out there now which are using tummy slimming panels, and other details to slim and lengthen. Self-conscious about your tummy then opt for a one piece or tankini. Always choose a suit with enough support in the bust.

Remember to keep in mind that your entire look is important, so don't forget about coverups. Choose pretty sarongs, sundresses and tunics that compliment your swimsuit. Also, consider a cute sunhat which will also provide sun protection in addition to your sunscreen. Pick cute flat sandals instead of plain old rubber flip flops.

You're going to want soft and glowing skin on your vacation so exfoliating is key. Exfoliating your face and body will give you smoother and fresher looking skin. It also makes applying self tanner go much smoother and render better results. There are many ways you can exfoliate your body and face. One of the most popular exfoliation methods is to use an exfoliating scrub. There are a ton of scrubs out there, from inexpensive to pricey. Make sure to use scrubs which match your skin type. For example, use a scrub made especially for sensitive skin if you have skin which is prone to irritation. A classic inexpensive choice is St. Ives. For your body, you can choose a scrub which isn't quite as gentle.

Other ways to exfoliate include simply using a washcloth and your normal facial wash or soap or using loofahs or sisal cloths. Just be sure to keep your loofahs clean. You can do this by rinsing with cold water and then soaking in a bowl of water mixed with vinegar for two hours, then drying in a very dry place or the sun.

Tanning in the sun or in tanning beds is very dangerous. Not only can it cause skin cancer due to the harmful UV rays, but it causes your skin to age faster by causing wrinkles. A safe alternative is using a self tanner or making an appointment at a spray-tan salon.

There are some tips to keep in mind when applying self tanner. First of all, make sure to set aside enough time. You're going to need to be nearly naked for a couple of hours, so set aside time.

First, shower or bathe. While in the shower, shave and exfoliate. After you get out of the shower, evenly apply regular lotion or body cream. Choose a shade that matches your skin type. You don't want to end up brown or orange! Apply evenly, making sure to use a light touch and avoiding areas such as your toes.

If you need to lighten areas after application, apply lotion. Do this for ankles, feet and areas below the knees. Remember to use sparingly on your neck and face. Wash your hands afterward. Let air dry for 2 hours, avoiding content with clothes, etc.

Getting a great hair cut and fabulous color will make you feel like a new woman.

Main Pedi
A great manicure and pedicure will give you also give you a little confidence boost. Go with a bright, tropical-inspired color on your toes if you really want to go tropical. Neutral, nude shades for your manicure will last the longest when it comes to your hands. Avoid French manicures since they chip so easily.

What other travel tips do you have to save money on a vacation?

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