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Post-Mastectomy Swimwear Options

After a mastectomy, it can be stressful waiting to be able to get back to how things were before the operation. Like most women who have had a mastectomy, you're most likely ready to get back to your regular routine and the lifestyle you are used to living. If you love to swim or just soaking up the rays, you need a comfortable swimsuit, and when you are post-mastectomy you may feel like you're not going to be able to find a swimsuit for your new body. Swimwear presents a problem for many women who are eager to get back out in the sun, by the pool and at the beach. You may be worried that the old swimsuit does not provide the coverage and support you now need.

However, there are bathing suits out there to fit your needs. Specially designed post-mastectomy swimsuits are created to give you the extra support and coverage that is needed without giving up your favorite style and pattern. These swimsuits are designed with higher necklines and armholes so scarring is covered and less visible. However, the main problem with other swimwear is the lack of support for the prosthesis.

Unlike other swimwear, the post-mastectomy swimsuit is specifically designed to support and hold the prosthesis in place. Special pockets are sewn into each suit and are designed to securely hold the prosthesis. The addition of the pockets prevents the prosthesis from moving while in the water, allowing you to swim and enjoy the sun without worrying whether or not the prosthesis is going to stay in place. You've been through enough with the surgery— you should not have to have anxiety over clothing and bathing suits. You should be concentrating on relaxing and getting back to your favorite ways to spend your time before your surgery.

With post-mastectomy swimwear, you can feel confident as you return to your pre-mastectomy lifestyle.

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