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At swimsuitsforall, we're making the world a better place to swim in,
one perfectly fitting, amazingly flattering suit at a time.

Since 2005, our unique perspective on female beauty has made us a
leader in swimwear for curvy women.
Bottom Line
We're all about suits
Our company is grounded in the idea of accessibility. We create high quality swimwear with superior construction, innovative design, and high-end style in sizes 4-34, not always well-represented on store racks.
All five of our swimwear collections
— Aquabelle, Shore Club, Beach Belle, Swim Sexy and Tropiculture —
are created exclusively by swimsuitsforall.
And shopping for one made better!
As an online retailer, our web presence is clearly very important to us. But there's a feeling of
humanity throughout every step of the process. From the words we use to the styles we choose.
It's in our world-class customer support and in our hassle-free returns and exchanges.

Everything we do comes down to one simple principle:
to make shopping for a swimsuit just as enjoyable as wearing one.