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Hide Hips - Chlorine Resistant Blue Arrowhead Sport Cargo Shortini
Blue Arrowhead Cargo Shortini
$69.00   $48.30
Hide Hips - Empress Guyana Skirtini
Empress Guyana Skirtini
$74.00   $37.00
Hide Hips - Black Classic Skirtini
Black Classic Skirtini
$64.00   $44.80
Hide Hips - Hesper Blouson 26-34 Skirtini
Hesper Blouson 26-34 Skirtini
$85.00   $59.50
Hide Hips - Black Stretch 26-30 Board Short
Black Stretch 26-30 Board Short
$38.00   $26.60
Hide Hips - Snowdrop Lingerie Swimdress
Snowdrop Lingerie Swimdress
$72.00   $50.40
Hide Hips - Rosewood Halter Banded Shortini
Rosewood Halter Banded Shortini
$70.00   $49.00
Hide Hips - Twist-Front Slit Skirtini
Black Twist-Front Slit Skirtini
$74.00   $51.80
Hide Hips - Black Smocked Boy Shortini
Black Smocked Boy Shortini
$77.00   $53.90
Hide Hips - Regatta Flared Skirtini
Regatta Flared Skirtini
$74.00   $51.80
Hide Hips - Chlorine Resistant Royal Palm Sport Bike Shortini
Royal Palm Sport Bike Shortini
$70.00   $49.00
Hide Hips - Brick 26-34 Loose Short
Brick 26-34 Loose Short
$31.00   $21.70
Hide Hips - La Quinta Flared Shortini
La Quinta Flared Shortini
$75.00   $52.50
Hide Hips - Sage Flowy Boy Shortini
Sage Flowy Boy Shortini
$74.00   $51.80
Hide Hips - Aquabelle Xtra Life Lycra Black Princess Seam Legging Set

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Looking for a stylish new swimsuit that doesn’t draw so much attention to your hips and thighs?

At swimsuitsforall, find beautiful new swimdresses, perfect for minimizing your hips and rear while still showing off feminine features and creating a flattering effect on your midsection. You’ll look fabulous in one our newly designed two piece shortinis and skirtinis, designed with your body in mind so you can feel confident and sexy by the pool or beach. Don’t forget that pairing your new swimsuit with a stylish beach dress can also be a great way to cover up your hips and thighs.

If you need any assistance in finding the right swimsuit to minimize your hips, our customer service and plus size swimwear specialists are sure to have answer. Just call 1.888.241.SWIM.