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Flatters Hips - Cerise Lingerie Swimdress
Cerise Lingerie Swimdress
$72.00   $50.40
Flatters Hips - Black Long Board Short
Black Long Board Short
$28.00   $19.60
Flatters Hips - Emblem Rhombus Swimdress
Emblem Rhombus Swimdress
$96.00   $67.20
Flatters Hips - Jester Flowy Banded Shortini
Jester Flowy Banded Shortini
$75.00   $37.50
Flatters Hips - Lulav Classic Cargo Shortini
Lulav Classic Cargo Shortini
$64.00   $44.80
Flatters Hips - Black Handkerchief Swimdress
Black Handkerchief Swimdress
$84.00   $58.80
Flatters Hips - Black Underwire Swimdress
Black Underwire Swimdress
$78.00   $54.60
Flatters Hips - Hosta Classic Skirtini
Hosta Classic Skirtini
$64.00   $32.00
Flatters Hips - Navy Stretch Board Short
Navy Stretch Board Short
$32.00   $22.40
Flatters Hips - Valentine Siracha Skirtini
Valentine Siracha Skirtini
$82.00   $41.00
Flatters Hips - Longitude Sparkler Tie-Front Swimdress
Flatters Hips - Coconut Grove Blouson Cargo Shortini
Coconut Grove Cargo Shortini
$71.00   $49.70
Flatters Hips - Black Stretch Board Short
Black Stretch Board Short
$32.00   $22.40
Flatters Hips - Nylon Board Short
Nylon Board Short
$36.00   $25.20
Flatters Hips - Chlorine Resistant Black Racerback Cargo Shortini
Black Racerback Cargo Shortini
$64.00   $44.80
Flatters Hips - Chlorine Resistant Pool Party Tank Swimdress
Pool Party Tank Swimdress
$78.00   $54.60
Flatters Hips - Black V-Neck Swimdress
Black V-Neck Swimdress
$72.00   $50.40
Flatters Hips - Lavender Lingerie Swimdress
Lavender Lingerie Swimdress
$72.00   $50.40

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At swimsuitsforall, we believe that a swimsuit should do more than just fit. We're on a mission to help women of all shapes and sizes find plus size swimwear that gives them the perfect amount of coverage and support that they need to feel confident and gorgeous at the beach, pool or water park. Our goal is to provide one piece and two piece swimsuit options that are as fashionable as they are functional, so that no one woman has to choose between a suit that fits her body or one that appeals to her sense of style.

When you put on plus size swimwear are you most concerned about your hips? Not to worry! There are many hip flattering swimwear options out there to help you complement your curves. Our Flatters Hips Swimwear collection makes it easy to focus on swimsuit silhouettes that minimize the hips. We've put together this curated collection of plus size hip flattering swimwear to help you find the best bathing suit for your body shape.

If you prefer one piece plus size swimwear, there are a number of feminine hip flattering swimwear options you can try. Choose a sheath swimsuit for a curve-hugging, sexy fit with more coverage for your hips, rear and thighs or a swimdress with a swingy flared skirt for the same coverage with a more flowing look. Sheaths and swimdresses come in solids and patterns to offer something for every taste.

Want to hit the beach or the pool in a two piece swimsuit? A tankini with short bottoms from our Plus Size Hip Flattering swimwear collection can give you a sporty look, while a skirtini with a skirt bottom can show off your girly side. You can purchase plus size hip flattering swimwear tankinis in sets or as separates that you can mix and match to create different ensembles.

With so many hip flattering swimwear options available in our collection here at swimsuitsforall, the question isn't whether you can find a suit that will work for you but how you'll ever choose just one to buy! Our plus size swimwear experts are here to make that decision simpler. You can ask our customer service representatives questions about our plus size hip flattering swimwear or get personal shopping assistance to help you explore the Flatters Hips Swimwear collection and find the suits that are most likely to work for you. Call 1.888.241.SWIM to speak to an expert now.