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Classic Coverage - Pizazz Blouson Cargo Shortini
Pizazz Blouson Cargo Shortini
$71.00   $49.70
Classic Coverage - Paperwhite Classic Skirtini
Paperwhite Classic Skirtini
$64.00   $44.80
Classic Coverage - Lure Blouson Cargo Shortini
Lure Blouson Cargo Shortini
$71.00   $49.70
Classic Coverage - Tanna Classic Cargo Shortini
Tanna Classic Cargo Shortini
$64.00   $44.80
Classic Coverage - Dew Drops Blouson Cargo Shortini
Dew Drops Cargo Shortini
$71.00   $49.70
Classic Coverage - Swim365 Black Blouson Tankini
Swim365 Black Blouson Tankini
$79.98   $55.99
Classic Coverage - Empress Sky Skirtini
Empress Sky Skirtini
$74.00   $51.80
Classic Coverage - Black Blouson Cargo Shortini
Black Blouson Cargo Shortini
$75.00   $52.50
Classic Coverage - Morning Glory Shortini
Morning Glory Shortini
$65.00   $45.50
Classic Coverage - Coconut Grove Blouson Cargo Shortini
Coconut Grove Cargo Shortini
$71.00   $49.70
Classic Coverage - Juniper Blouson Cargo Shortini
Juniper Blouson Cargo Shortini
$71.00   $49.70
Classic Coverage - Molokai Classic Shortini
Molokai Classic Shortini
$65.00   $45.50
Classic Coverage - Journey Blouson Cargo Shortini
Journey Blouson Cargo Shortini
$71.00   $49.70
Classic Coverage - Mingle Blouson Cargo Shortini
Mingle Blouson Cargo Shortini
$71.00   $49.70
Classic Coverage - Batik Blouson Cargo Shortini
Batik Blouson Cargo Shortini
$75.00   $52.50
Classic Coverage - Tahiti Blouson Tankini
Tahiti Blouson Tankini
$65.00   $45.50
Classic Coverage - Lotus Classic Skirtini
Lotus Classic Skirtini
$71.00   $49.70
Classic Coverage - Journey Blouson Tankini
Journey Blouson Tankini
$65.00   $45.50
Classic Coverage - Amalfi Blouson Cargo Shortini
Amalfi Blouson Cargo Shortini
$73.00   $51.10

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swimsuitsforall understands that no two women have the exact same needs when it comes to plus size swimwear. Every woman has her own unique, beautiful body shape and deserves to have a swimsuit that will flatter her figure perfectly. Not only do women's shapes and sizes vary, but their tastes and preferences when it comes to swimsuits do as well. Some women want to flaunt a little more skin with a sexy style. Others would rather show off a more modest, fun look. That's why we have created a tankini swimwear collection with fashions that feature a wide array of silhouettes to offer something stylish to suit every shopper.

Looking gorgeous by the pool or at the beach doesn't have to mean going bare. Our Classic Coverage swimwear collection is designed to help you find plus size swimwear that covers all the places you desire while still making the perfect fashion statement. Whether you prefer a look that's sophisticated, glamorous, sexy, flirty or fun, you can find Classic Coverage tankinis with cuts and prints that you'll love.

The tankini swimwear in our Classic Coverage swimwear collection features a wide range of top styles. For a loose, easy fit, opt for a blouson top with tank straps or accentuate your bust with a fit-and-flare empire waist design. Try a high neck to conceal more of the bustline or give a peak at your cleavage with a V-neck.

Like tops, the bottoms of our Classic Coverage plus size swimwear line come in many styles. Go for a tank bottom for that truly classic tankini swimwear style, or get more coverage with a feminine, pretty skirtini bottom or a sporty, playful shortini bottom. You can even mix and match Classic Coverage tankini separates to make your own swimsuit.

Our Classic Coverage tankinis collection includes so many fashionable looks and smart fit solutions that it can be hard to select just one or two suits to buy! Luckily, you don't have to make the decision all on your own when you shop at swimsuitsforall. One of our plus size swimwear experts will be happy to help you explore the Classic Coverage swimwear collection and choose the designs that will work best for your figure and complement your sense of style. For help shopping for tankini swimwear or for answers to your questions about specific suits, please contact us at 1.888.241.SWIM.