Plus Size Black Boy Short
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Plus Size Black Boy Short Back
Swim & Sun 4.60
Plus Size Black Boy Short
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Style # B2227

  • This is a swimsuit bottom and does not include a top for a full set.  Shop separate tops to make a complete set.
  • 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex
  • Hits mid-thigh
  • Front poly/mesh lining
  • Provides full coverage
  • Hand wash.
  • Flat dry.
  • After every use, the garment must be hand washed. Harmful elements such as suntan lotions, salt, chlorine, and body perspiration can cause discoloration and spandex breakdown. Since laundry detergents are too harsh on the spandex and the color, use mild hand soap made without added moisturizers. Do not wring the swimsuit to remove excess water. Lay it flat on a towel and roll the towel up and squeeze gently. Remove it from the towel and lay it flat to dry. Do not hang it to dry as that will stretch out the fibers in the fabric. Avoid using washers and dryers as damage can occur due to agitation and excessive heat. It is also important to let your suit "rest" between uses. This allows the spandex to bounce back (called recovery) to its original size and maintain its fit longer. If you wear a suit without letting it recover, it will lose its shape and fit more quickly. It's recommended to let the suit rest for 24-36 hours between uses. Always remove excess moisture with a towel and lay flat to dry indoors or in the shade. Also note, direct sunlight will fade your suit. It is always a great idea to have more than one suit.

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Why did you choose this?
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The size 14 was too big.
h B on Aug 21, 2014
want a more covered bottom for a top I already own
M E on Aug 21, 2014
Regular swimsuit bottoms do not fit properly around the legs. The the leg openings are to large allowing the bottoms to gap causing possible embarrassing exposure! Could not find any in the store that were not bikini and they roll down at the top on me. These are exactly what I have been looking for.
Deborah B on Aug 20, 2014
Need them to go with my top!
Cassandra P on Aug 18, 2014
need a new one
Laurie S on Aug 17, 2014
did i
celine s on Aug 17, 2014
for the comfortable fit on the leg.
Paula G on Aug 16, 2014
Exchanging the bike short for the boy short because of the swishing sound while walking. Also I hope the quality of "boy" fabric is better than the "bike" short fabric.
Dolores H on Aug 16, 2014
I wanted more coverage with a swimsuit bottom.
Tonya R on Aug 16, 2014
I love the coverage and comfort of this short. Love love love
Giselle K on Aug 16, 2014
matches the tops bought
debbie p on Aug 15, 2014
Great reviews
Penny G on Aug 15, 2014
This is my second pair of these! I have 3 kids and I love these because I spend much of my time at a pool or at the beach bending over with them! With these I don't feel as self conscious.
Leslie M on Aug 15, 2014
To go with a tank top
Janet W on Aug 15, 2014
Want to see if these are comfortable to wear.
Sharyn T on Aug 14, 2014
returned, did not fit
Patti B on Aug 14, 2014
I had hip replacement surgery and wanted something to cover up scars. Good price and reviews.
ELLEN P on Aug 13, 2014
Because I prefer boy shorts for my physique
Carolyn A on Aug 12, 2014
I like.
CMGRP Sharron R on Aug 11, 2014
Very nice! Will keep them!
Carolyn L on Aug 11, 2014
Liked them
Lisa C on Aug 11, 2014
fits my style
Beverly F on Aug 11, 2014
Looks comfortable.
Jane L on Aug 11, 2014
Like the coverage this will provide.
Jennifer E on Aug 10, 2014
These fit great. Size was my normal pant size
Deborah E on Aug 10, 2014
Wanted good coverage without being too long in leg
D A on Aug 9, 2014
look as though they are a nice fit
M G on Aug 8, 2014
exactly the short bottom I was looking for
PRISCILLA M on Aug 8, 2014
Never tried this style before and I love them ordered another pair-so comfy. I've had better luck with swimsuitsforall then in stores. Amazing!!
Sandra K on Aug 1, 2014
full hip coverage, but rides up during water aerobics, didn't work so well.
B U on Aug 1, 2014
Looking for a little coverage.
Angela T on Aug 1, 2014
For the comfort
Linda E on Jul 30, 2014
Rosa C on Jul 29, 2014
Need a bottom that provides coverage and dries quickly. Reviews were also favorable.
Brenda K on Jul 28, 2014
I wanted just plain black shorts to wear with any tankini top
Zena S on Jul 28, 2014
This is new for me but I like the idea.
Debbie S on Jul 28, 2014
They look comfortable.
Kathie D on Jul 26, 2014
I like this boy short when I go on vacation
Christine J on Jul 26, 2014
They look cute and shapely on the bottom.
LaKysha R on Jul 25, 2014
These cover up more than reg. bottoms.
LIsa D on Jul 25, 2014
Loved this first pair I purchased, and wanted another!
Theresa R on Jul 25, 2014
barbara m on Jul 24, 2014
daughter says that these fit better
Rosalie T on Jul 24, 2014
I bought this pair of shorts in one size larger, and due to exercise and losing weight, I need to get a smaller size now that chlorine has done its damage.
K A on Jul 24, 2014
Like the extra little coverage it provides over regular swim bottoms.
Sarah K on Jul 23, 2014
My fall back if I don't care for the slit skirt look. My thighs and hips are not my favorite parts, so trying to feel the best I can about them in public. Think this could be a great option
Kathy L on Jul 23, 2014
Adriana R on Jul 23, 2014
wanted to try some swim shorts that aren't so baggy.. sometimes other shorts "float" up while in the water
katie h on Jul 23, 2014
Cecelia A on Jul 22, 2014
Full coverage for wear at water park
Kim N on Jul 22, 2014
I was told it would flatter me.
Laura R on Jul 22, 2014
for comfort reasons and easier to use the restroom!
T W on Jul 22, 2014
boy shorts cover a multitude of sins!
Lisa M on Jul 21, 2014
looks good
J O on Jul 21, 2014
Classy , covers more, no skirt!
Linda M on Jul 21, 2014
wanted to size upto get a losser the coverage and comfort
Melinda L on Jul 20, 2014
i was hoping that would provide better fit and hide surgery scars
Jamie V on Jul 20, 2014
we will see about these
Lisa C on Jul 20, 2014
I am a bigger women so I like swim shorts I actually have a swim suit right now that is one piece with shorts sewn in but cannot find them anywhere
Gretchen A on Jul 19, 2014
Chose a boy short because I prefer this over the brief and bicycle style swim short. This style is more flattering for me.
Francie S on Jul 19, 2014
I prefer more coverage, don't want to feel like I am in underwear.
Robyn T on Jul 18, 2014
Looking for a little coverage.
Laurie C on Jul 17, 2014
Decided to try the shorts and if I do not like them I also have a skirt I can wear with the top I bought. They look comfortable.
sherri w on Jul 17, 2014
Wanted a short for swimming and being by the pool
Martha G on Jul 17, 2014
Want to try the "boy short" style
Teresa L on Jul 17, 2014
cute style
Emily D on Jul 16, 2014
Elizabeth B on Jul 16, 2014
Love it
Debra L on Jul 16, 2014
will work with everything
Veronica C on Jul 15, 2014
Comfortable and slimming
Kimmy C on Jul 15, 2014
I wanted boy shorts for more bottom coverage but I didn't want loose shorts or board shorts. These were a perfect meet in the middle!
Sarah C on Jul 15, 2014
To show off my legs
Jessica C on Jul 14, 2014
Love these shorts for snorkling.
L T on Jul 14, 2014
I wanted a 'kini style suit, but most shorts have very wide leg openings and I wanted a closer fit in the leg. Hopefully these shorts are like that. The skirts often rise in the water or cling when you get out. A close-fitting short should stay put.
Karen B on Jul 14, 2014
To hide my jiggly bits
Melissa H on Jul 13, 2014
looks flattering and supportive
Stephanie P on Jul 13, 2014
wanted the additional coverage
Patricia R on Jul 12, 2014
needed basic black boy shorts for my ensemble:)
wendy a on Jul 12, 2014
Not sure
Vicci B on Jul 11, 2014
price and length
Candy W on Jul 11, 2014
Love boy shorts!
Lisa T on Jul 10, 2014
A little more modest coverage
Cynthia C on Jul 10, 2014
To give a little more coverage
Loraine L on Jul 10, 2014
Thigh Rub
Maria D on Jul 10, 2014
Looks comfy and cute
Sabrina G on Jul 9, 2014
I like the short style
Debbie L on Jul 9, 2014
Try something new. I've never had swim shorts before
Sharon H on Jul 9, 2014
Who likes short shorts??? I do. Very flattering.
Karen W on Jul 9, 2014
I had ordered a swimsuit with shorts and I loved them, so I thought I could order these and pick my top. LOVE them.
Stephanie N on Jul 9, 2014
Need shorts that go to the waist and cover tops of legs
HOLLY O on Jul 9, 2014
Rita Q on Jul 8, 2014
because i like these- the bikini bottoms aren't for me, I am older and people don't need to be scared at the
Amy C on Jul 8, 2014
rosemary r on Jul 8, 2014
This is my second order for this item. I like the way it fits. This item works well for the tops I ordered earlier.
Liz L on Jul 8, 2014
The reviews said that the suit was comfortable and I've wanted to try a suit with shorts.
Randy F on Jul 8, 2014
liked the style
LISA B on Jul 8, 2014
I picked this Black Boy Short because I wanted a short to cover my hips and match multiple tops.
Shenita V on Jul 8, 2014
Cheaper than we I was going to buy them!
Beverly M on Jul 7, 2014
I don't have to worry if I'm completely covered or not with 2 separate pieces. I know I'm 100% covered and it fits to my liking.
Ann H on Jul 7, 2014
Sent these back as well. Didn't like the fit.
Patricia M on Jul 7, 2014
Jacqueline M on Jul 7, 2014
Hide my hips
Janette G on Jul 7, 2014
I like a little coverage on my legs
brenda p on Jul 7, 2014
I've never tried the boy short and thought it might be comfortable
Maureen W on Jul 7, 2014
To go with the black tank dress
R K on Jul 7, 2014
J A on Jul 7, 2014
This is very versatile. You can wear these bottoms with any top... Too cute
Valene C on Jul 6, 2014
Sarah S on Jul 6, 2014
the amount of coverage looks good
S I on Jul 6, 2014
Shorts that don't float.
CAROLYN R on Jul 6, 2014
A little more coverage than briefs!
Catherine K on Jul 6, 2014
I prefer the modesty of shorts verses a brief.
Susan C on Jul 5, 2014
I felt I would look better with the shorts.
Patty D on Jul 5, 2014
Comfort and coverage
Darlene D on Jul 5, 2014
good fit
Michel M on Jul 5, 2014
I liked the length of the shorts.
Melissa E on Jul 5, 2014
James Z on Jul 5, 2014
I like the modesty of boy shorts.
Susan S on Jul 4, 2014
Cannot find size here in Australia
Victoria U on Jul 4, 2014
have a different style and find them too baggy wanted a different look
Katherine S on Jul 3, 2014
Hoping it will help cover fat in thighs
Daneace J on Jul 3, 2014
I like the fit of boyshorts
Stephanie R on Jul 3, 2014
DAWN B on Jul 3, 2014
more thigh coverage than high waisted brief
Elise B on Jul 3, 2014
needed a bottom
Joan M on Jul 3, 2014
Cover top of legs
Marianne R on Jul 3, 2014
My second pair, cant pass up these amazing sales. The shorts are made beautifully and fit well.
G R on Jul 2, 2014
Shorts appeal to me because of my size
Janis T on Jul 2, 2014
Like better than other choices
Judith W on Jul 2, 2014
I like boy shorts swimwear that isn't too long, and this looked to be a good length
Holly M on Jul 1, 2014
valarie l k on Jul 1, 2014
gives comfort when on the beach
Kimberly S on Jul 1, 2014
look comfortable and remind me of my comfy yoga shorts
Denise G on Jul 1, 2014
want to try pants
Linda D on Jun 30, 2014
liked the feel of them on last purchase
Joyce L on Jun 29, 2014
I prefer the short look rather than the "-kini" look that tends to cut into my thighs and make them look even larger, so the shorts are a nice addition to any swim top.
Alexandria G on Jun 28, 2014
like shorts for bottoms
Nancy S on Jun 28, 2014
My thighs are a problem in a bathing suit with rubbing have been looking for a boy type of short but these look more like the workout shorts I wear and are very comfortable I'm hoping that they are
Camille K on Jun 28, 2014
Christine C on Jun 27, 2014
Much more comfortable than a swim panty!
Emily W on Jun 27, 2014
Haven't tried this style of short, I think it will be comfortable
Error it was made larger than I thought hd to return it.

katie s on Jun 27, 2014
Prefer the comfort of a boy brief
Linda R on Jun 26, 2014
coverage, comfort, ease
lisa j on Jun 26, 2014
love boy shorts
Susan H on Jun 26, 2014
Like the cut
maria d on Jun 25, 2014
I'm older and need the cover there now.
connie l on Jun 25, 2014
Aknea S on Jun 25, 2014
I feel more comfortable in shorts.
Geraldine E on Jun 25, 2014
Fit great with big hips, I can be free waking around without cover up
D O on Jun 25, 2014
wore out the other pair of these and returned to get a replacement. good fit and style for me.
C A on Jun 25, 2014
Charmagne B on Jun 25, 2014
Something different
Robin M on Jun 24, 2014
sold as a set
Terry H on Jun 23, 2014
Shorts are more modest we have 3 young boys and I don't like to have it all there for everyone to see.
Jena S on Jun 22, 2014
Liked this better than the bikini bottoms.
E J on Jun 22, 2014
Kathi C on Jun 22, 2014
thought I would give the boy shorts a try
Ann H on Jun 22, 2014
Based on reviews for casual swimming
Janet P on Jun 21, 2014
good coverage, good reviews (fits true to size)
Bethany M on Jun 21, 2014
Nice new look for bathing suit
Suldana P on Jun 21, 2014
Best value I have found in my favorite suit bottoms.
Jeanne G on Jun 21, 2014
Covers hips
Kelly M on Jun 21, 2014
Better for mature women
Janelle H on Jun 21, 2014
yvonne n on Jun 21, 2014
Needed the bottoms to the suit
R E on Jun 20, 2014
i think the shorts will help to hide the little fat between the legs
anita m on Jun 20, 2014
Right style for me
Karen E. S on Jun 19, 2014
for granddaughter. hard to find these in plus sizes,
Linda Cardenas c on Jun 19, 2014
They go with the top
JacQuana L on Jun 18, 2014
Something different, modest coverage.
Celeste L on Jun 18, 2014
I wanted to cover more of the upper thigh/ bikini area to feel more comfortable.
Catherine S on Jun 18, 2014
I refer a lot of coverage on the bottom & less on top.
Jennifer R on Jun 17, 2014
It is a modest short
RUTH V on Jun 17, 2014
For the extra coverage. Like a one piece look when combined with top without the hassle of a one piece.
Millie C on Jun 16, 2014
More choose better value for money, looks as if will fit. Much better than anything we can buy in the UK. will be back for more.
Mrs Elizabeth C on Jun 16, 2014
Janet Y on Jun 16, 2014
To give me additional leg coverage on the beach
Stacy K on Jun 15, 2014
I have surgical scars that would show with a brief style bottom. I'm hoping the boy shorts will cover them
skye c on Jun 15, 2014
cute and fit well
J A on Jun 14, 2014
I wanted shorts instead of skirt.more flattering
Stacey K on Jun 14, 2014
Looks good with the top
Maxine G on Jun 13, 2014
Like the look of tighter fit short
Marchelle P on Jun 13, 2014
These swim shorts fit great and are awesome for water aerobics or sports.
Vicky S on Jun 12, 2014
JASMINE K on Jun 11, 2014
to mix with other suits
Brenna S on Jun 11, 2014
Cute & functional for running around
Dusty S on Jun 10, 2014
liked them at first then changed my mind, not long enough
Joyce M on Jun 10, 2014
Rachelle G on Jun 9, 2014
To wear under board shorts
Dena W on Jun 8, 2014
To go with a swimsuit top.
Lyndall B on Jun 8, 2014
Covers hips
Angie H on Jun 8, 2014
I like a "pant" style for modesty.
Sharon S on Jun 6, 2014
I have been searching for the boy shorts to hide some of my ugly, Grandma legs...
DeLores W on Jun 6, 2014
possibility to choose a different size than the top
Ingrid C on Jun 6, 2014
Since I am entering a new era of life, I figure a little more coverage is a good idea, but not to much!
Becky B on Jun 4, 2014
for a change
Gerard B on Jun 3, 2014
That is the style I like......
Alice F on Jun 3, 2014
Because I feel like I would be more covered in these.
Michelle M on Jun 3, 2014
Did not want to feel like I was at the beach in underwear but in shorts that I could be active in without all the extra fabric of the skirt things or larger shorts.
Melanie W on Jun 3, 2014
I rather not have the bottom ride up into my bottom. Plus I don't know if the skirt would be cute on me.
Tamela C on Jun 2, 2014
more coverage that looks stylish
Lana S on Jun 2, 2014
Because I wanted something to wear that I wouldn't be self-conscious in.
Ann H on Jun 1, 2014
courtney p on May 31, 2014
Cover thighs yet keeps me feeling cute and sexy
Shanique B on May 31, 2014
love bathing suit shorts
Kimberly H on May 30, 2014
Deborah M on May 28, 2014
Bought a pair in blue and wanted another one in black.
Catherine W on May 28, 2014
good look for swimming
Karen S on May 26, 2014
Misty W on May 25, 2014
I'm hoping these will hide problem areas!
Ashley G on May 24, 2014
covers my thighs
E X on May 22, 2014
I have bikini bottom and shorts, wanted another style
Gina C on May 20, 2014
water workouts
Trisica M on May 19, 2014
as a gift
Therese B on May 18, 2014
D B on May 18, 2014
Size availability and style plus price.
CINDY C on May 18, 2014
i am noticing more and more people wearing them and want to try.
kim m on May 17, 2014
like boy shorts
Janice H on May 17, 2014
right size available to fit over distended abdomen
Marie M on May 16, 2014
Skirts always seem to have too much fabric, this seems to be a good alternative.
K H on May 15, 2014
looks good, and like the style.
Dorothy H on May 14, 2014
Same reason,actually liked these more
Lindsey O on May 12, 2014
water aerobics
Sharon C on May 9, 2014
They look comfortable and great for the beach
G I on May 9, 2014
I prefer shorts over something much smaller
Tamera W on May 5, 2014
also for comfort!
Karen S on May 5, 2014
Wanted to try shorts swim combo
Katharine W on May 3, 2014
think it will flatter my large figure
SHEILA M on May 2, 2014
wanted to try a new kind of bottoms
kim m on May 1, 2014
Wanted two lengths and one a little longer
Terry D on Apr 30, 2014
comfort and no chafing
pam l on Apr 28, 2014
A more modest design option than a bikini-style bottom. I'll feel a little less self-conscious in this.
Cathy M on Apr 28, 2014
Thought it would be comfortable and flattering, but it isn't so will be returning.
Leanne H on Apr 27, 2014
good price when purchased as a set with top
Amy W on Apr 25, 2014
Looking for a good alternative to "normal" bottoms. Hope this is it!
Laura D on Apr 24, 2014
It looks comfortable. It is a cute style.
Judy H on Apr 24, 2014
I liked the style and being able to pick my size. My bottom is bigger, so it's nice to try to fit in one size!
Lisa F on Apr 23, 2014
I have been looking for a shorts/tank suit to fit my style for an upcoming trip. This one really fit the bill!!
Sherri D on Apr 22, 2014
Comfort and pretty
Mitzi L on Apr 20, 2014
Like the extra hip coverage
Marianne R on Apr 20, 2014
Different look
S T on Apr 19, 2014
I want to try the boy shorts - the extra bit of coverage looks to be a benefit
Lisa B on Apr 19, 2014
I can use with other tops
Michelle R on Apr 18, 2014
They looked comfortable...
Karen M on Apr 18, 2014
Teresa P on Apr 16, 2014
Love the fit!
Lisa V on Apr 14, 2014
Paula A on Apr 14, 2014
boy shorts rule.they look better when you have big thighs.looks much better than the panty bottom.
DAWN W on Apr 12, 2014
comfortable style
Marilyn E on Apr 12, 2014
Returning - too tight
mary p on Apr 12, 2014
Love this style and hoping to use with several tankini's I have at present and have placed with this order.
Mary M on Apr 11, 2014
like these shorts - comfortable
Kim S on Apr 11, 2014
I dont like traditional bathing suit bottoms, they dont cover up enough.
J Y on Apr 10, 2014
for my daughter
Staci M on Apr 9, 2014
Shorts are hard to find in my size
W A on Apr 8, 2014
How high?
· Add Your Answer · Votes 0 0 · A shopper on Jun 9, 2014
The shorts sit below the belly button.
Swim4All ExpertExpert on Jun 10, 2014
Reply · Was this answer helpful? 0 0
What is the inseam length?
· Add Your Answer · Votes 0 0 · S C on May 21, 2014
Swim4All ExpertExpert on Jul 9, 2014
Reply · Was this answer helpful? 0 0

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