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Water Aerobics for You and Your Baby

Pregnancy is a precious time in a woman's life. However, this preciousness will make you fat. It's worth it though; after all, you're having a baby. Despite weight gain, take special care of yourself and your unborn baby. An excellent way to do this is with water aerobics.

Here's why water aerobics is good for expectant mothers:

  • A woman's overheated body can harm her unborn baby. Water aerobics prevents this by cooling her body while exercising.
  • There's less strain on your body and joints because water covers you.
  • Water aerobics helps tone muscles; this makes labor and delivery easier.
  • Pregnant participants have less back pain than nonparticipants.
  • Flexibility is easier with water aerobics than with regular aerobics. This is because water aerobics reduces the mother's body weight.

While water aerobics is enjoyable and beneficial for pregnant women, remember:

  • Consult your doctor before starting this exercise, especially if you're high risk.
  • Avoid moves that can harm your baby. Such moves are jumping in or out of water, and stomach crunches.
  • Drink water at least every 10 minutes. Despite being in water, you'll sweat, and you don't need dehydration.
  • Safely choose your water aerobics swimwear. Wear either athletic swimwear with a supportive top or a jogging bra underneath. Also, wear an abdominal support to protect your growing belly.
  • Wear chlorine proof swimwear for protection against the water's high chlorine level.

For the goodness of you and your baby's health, have fun!

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