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Water Aerobics vs Step Aerobics

Dripping Wet or Dripping Sweat

Aerobic exercise burns calories, keeps the heart and lungs healthy, and is an incredibly fun way to get and stay in shape. Two of the more popular variations of aerobics are Step Aerobics and Water Aerobics. Step aerobics is a weight bearing exercise that will get your heart pumping with dance-like movements. Water aerobics focuses on resistance training by using the water itself. If you love swimming, you will love this form of aerobic exercise. While water aerobics is not weight bearing, some studies suggest that water aerobics burns twice the amount of calories than step aerobics. Whether you are drenched with sweat from step class, or drenching wet from water aerobics, either choice is an excellent and enjoyable form of exercise.

What you will need

Both step and water aerobics offer enjoyment and exercise at almost no cost. The only items you are likely to need are water aerobics swimwear or athletic apparel for step class, as well as the step itself. When shopping for water aerobics swimsuits, it might be wise to invest in chlorine-resistant swimwear. Chlorine may eat holes or wear away colors in some athletic swimwear after long periods of time. By investing in an athletic swimsuit that is resistant to chlorine, you can prevent undue chemical erosion to the suit.

Aerobic exercise should be done 3-5 times per week. Find a class or activity that you enjoy. If you don't like it, chances are you won't do it regularly. Jump into a class and have fun.

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