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Rehabilitating Your Sports Injuries – How Water Aerobics Can Help

No athlete likes being taken out of the game.

Sport injuries can require some of the toughest and longest roads to recovery, even for highly trained and skilled athletes. One way they are getting themselves off of the injured list and back into the fray sooner is with the use of water aerobics.

The first benefit that water aerobics brings to the table is the lack of strain on an athlete's joints. After having suffered a knee injury, a football player can easily rehabilitate by running underwater, which removes the pounding his knee joint would take were it striking solid ground. Water aerobics can builds muscle while saving joints.

Second, aqua aerobics allows for a myriad of workout clothing options which can provide as much support or protection as needed. There is specific swimwear designed with water aerobics in mind as well as various fashionable choices which also have the benefit of, for example, being chlorine-resistant. Some examples include cross back swimwear and racerback swimwear.

Third, a program involving water aerobics allows an athlete to burn calories, and typically in half the time or less. The all-body aspects of a water-based workout will pay dividends the longer the program is followed, and many athletes will see improved overall performance.

Water aerobics was once seen as the province of simply the feeble or as a second-rate workout. But with its ability to rehabilitate and its all-over conditioning results, it is a viable choice for anyone— injured or healthy.

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