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Low Impact Workout That's Easy on the Joints - Why This is Important

You have to exercise to stay fit and sexy but at the cost of pummeling your joints to rubble and living in constant pain really doesn't appeal…right? Enter low-impact water aerobics. A workout in the water really isn't for weak people, it's strenuous. Have you ever tried to run in two feet of water? It's like running against a hurricane. So what happens to your body when your work out in water? You have to expend more energy to do less work.

Because water places resistance on flexion as well as extension your muscles need to work hard in every direction just to move about the pool. At the same time, the water buffers every move and the buoyancy supports your body and resists the hammering that gravity likes to dish out. So the next time you are looking for a powerful and effective workout, consider a water aerobics class. While you're at it, don't forget to dress for the occasion. Water aerobics swimwear is easy to find in specialty stores and especially on the web.

Chlorine resistant swimsuits and chlorine proof swimwear will resist the wear and tear of your workout and keep you looking great. These suits are available in styles that range from racer back and cross back swimsuits to long torso swimwear. These polyester swimsuits will be the basic in equipment that you will need to provide a top-notch workout that will keep you lean and healthy and looking great without the wear and tear on your joints that can cause painful avoidance of exercise.

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