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Individual vs Group Water Aerobics – Which is Best for You

Water or aqua aerobics can be a great way to burn calories, have fun and safeguard your body all at the same time.

Lacking the repetitive and jarring motions of running or the potential muscle strains of weight training, water aerobics are favored by people who enjoy water and getting a workout— often in half the time of a traditional "land-based" workout for the same results.

They also have a greater variety of workout clothing options than traditional exercise programs, ranging from long torso swimwear to cross back swimsuits to suits that are chlorine resistant. In short, something for everyone.

Many gyms and fitness clubs will offer aqua aerobics classes which will run once or twice a week. These can be great for beginners, for people looking to meet some similar-minded individuals or just for general fitness, but they are not for everyone.

Sometimes, the exercises will be too hard or too easy, and some will find themselves ill at ease in a large group, or unable to focus on their own goals. While the classes can be a good starting point, people often find themselves in a position of wanting to branch out and try their own types of exercises at a time that works for them. Gyms may offer personalized instruction, and there are websites which specialize in personal programs as well.

But whether it is group of single, finding the type of water aerobics right for you can jump start your fitness plan.

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