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When to Increase Your Water Aerobics Workout

Congratulations on joining that water aerobics programs. You and your friends have been going pretty steady for the last eight weeks. You spend a good forty minutes, three times a week in your local fitness center pool and both you and your friends are convinced that since joining you have come a long way!

You started in the Beginners class because, outside of work and raising your family, you hadn't had much time for yourself. Now the kids are grown, and you've decided to do something for yourself! You are so dedicated you even purchased water aerobic swimwear and water wings… just to be on the safe side! Now the results are in and you are starting to look and feel good since you have applied these lifestyle changes. You feel stronger, not as a winded, you have even lost a couple of inches around your waste and dropped a few pounds.

Lately you've noticed in your last few aquatic classes that you're not getting the "burn" or feeling as tired as when you first began, you're even ahead of the class and have the routines down pat. Yes, you have definitely increased your skills and abilities.

now what? Maybe it's time to consider moving to the next level.

In increasing the intensity of you aquatic work out, you move to deep water and may also begin to incorporate work out devices like kick boards. It will be challenging and rewarding as you continue the journey towards optimal health!

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