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Hosting a Water Aerobics Party

Hosting a water aerobics party is a great way to have some serious fun with friends of all fitness levels. This is a whole new take on the pool party, and there are more options than you might think for making it a fun experience for everyone.

Water aerobics is a sport rapidly gaining popularity, and it's a wonderful way for anyone to increase muscle tone and lose fat. Working out in water also provides a unique opportunity for those who suffer from arthritis and other conditions that may prevent them from using traditional exercise methods.

Here are some ideas to consider when planning your aqua-bash.

  • Check to see if there is a trainer who can be hired to lead your party. Their routines can easily be tailored to fit the abilities of your group. If you'll be taking the lead, make sure to familiarize yourself with the proper techniques.
  • Tell your guests to don athletic swimwear— racerback and cross back swimwear are good options. This is a great way to minimize swimsuit anxiety, since water aerobics swimwear tends to be less revealing and more supportive than typical suits.
  • Provide bottled water for your guests, along with some refreshments for afterward. Choose healthy snacks to replenish the calories you'll burn.
  • You could create a unique theme, and you can even play a couple of old-fashioned pool games for some nostalgic fun. This could be the start of a beautiful and healthy addiction.
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