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How to Find the Right Water Aerobics Class

So, you finally decided to join your local fitness/pool center. Congratulations! Specifically, you joined the water aerobics program, and because you are serious you even purchased new water aerobics swimwear.

You understand the benefits of joining a class and look forward to improving cardiovascular health and increasing your strength. You are intrigued with the idea that most forms of land exercises can be done in the water with virtually no impact. This is great news for your joints. But, the question now is how to determine which class is right for you. You want the maximum results for your fitness level.

Well, before you take the plunge check with your doctor before you begin any activity. Some health insurers will cover the cost of aquatic programs if your doctor recommends it.

In helping to manage symptoms of osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia you may want to start out with a Beginners class to determine your comfort level and what you can tolerate and gradually work your way up. If you need to lose weight and don't have any other health concerns then consider a more vigorous routine where you can expect to burn a higher amount of calories. If you are pregnant you may also want to consider taking the "water therapy" class that incorporates slow, easy movements which is great for you and baby.

Regardless of the program you choose you will notice the health benefits almost immediately and enjoy the great sense of well being.

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