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Extra Equipment to Add Into Your Water Aerobics Workout

To get started with water aerobics you will need some basic equipment to help you get the most out of every workout session. The most basic piece of equipment would be a swimsuit. Water aerobics swimwear can be in the form of long torso athletic swimwear, racerback swimwear, a cross back swimsuit, or a chlorine proof swimsuit. Extra equipment consists of a swim cap, to keep your hair out of your face, weather weights or floats for more advanced water aerobic exercises, and aqua shoes which now come in various styles.

Do not be intimidated with the thought of wearing shoes while in water. These shoes are designed for water usage and specifically constructed using a quick-drying type of mesh material, lined with a soft insole for ultra comfort. A good pair of water aerobic shoes should be breathable. This is made possible by the single layer of mesh that helps facilitate drying even under cool conditions. They should also be close heeled for supported swimming in the water whether it be in a pool or ocean. Your aqua shoes should fit you perfectly –they should conform to the size and shape of your feet while giving you the needed protection during your aerobic sessions, especially when there are rough surfaces in the pool.

And whether indoor or outdoor, always slather on your waterproof sunscreen and moisturizers to protect you from the harmful UV rays and to treat the drying effects of chlorine.

Time to get your aqua gear and yourself water aerobic-ready!

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