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How to Customize Your Water Aerobics Workout

You walk into your local gym dreading the daily grind of self-imposed torture when you hear, "Lift those legs! Swivel those hips!" The voice shouting out those commands could be those of a drill sergeant. Moving hesitantly towards the voice, you also hear the rhythmic beats of a popular rock tune. What's going on? Down the hall, a sign reads
"Welcome to Water Aerobics Class. Requirements: Enthusiastic Attitude and A Smile."

Water aerobics makes use of many of the exercise techniques practiced in traditional aerobics classes offered in gyms and fitness centers. The major difference being that these same exercises performed in water place less stress on muscles and joints.

One can customize a water aerobics workout to meet individual needs and preferences.

Customizations can include:

  • Length of workout sessions
  • Depth of the water
  • Intensity of the workout
  • Variety of equipment
  • Type of exercises

Of course, when all is said and done, a high priority with any fitness activity is, "What to wear?"

Fortunately, swimwear products have come a long way. Water aerobics swimwear is available in many colors and designs. Most are chlorine proof or chlorine resistant. Racerback and cross back swimwear as well as tankinis are chic and stylish. Additionally, conservative suits such as the sheath dress and the scoop back are fashionable and popular.

Come on, get your suit on and join a water aerobics class near you. Remember, bring an enthusiastic attitude and a smile.

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