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Why Swimming Is Better Than Running

No true workout is complete without cardio. Trouble is, how best to get it? One often overlooked way to get both cardio and build muscle is swimming.

Cardio and running are inexorably linked. The images of runners, taut bodies glistening with sweat as they power across marathon finish lines, has become ingrained in our public consciousness. And though swimmers have a toughness and sleekness about them that speaks of the true grit their sport requires, it often gets overlooked. Here is some food for thought.

  • Running is far worse on your joints. "Pounding pavement" is an accurate description, since repeated and regular running on concrete surfaces can permanently injure your knees.
  • Running uses far less muscle. Sure, your legs will looked toned eventually, but swimming requires arm, leg, chest and back muscles to be successful.
  • Swimming "looks" easier. This is a common misconception, because it's impossible to drip sweat in a pool. The best way to test this out is with an empirical exercise. Go for an hour run one day. The next day, swim for the same amount of time. Good luck getting up after day two.

But even knowing this, many women avoid the pool at all costs, often because running doesn't require a swimsuit. The truth is, however, that with the myriad of options now available, from athletic swimwear to cross back and racerback swimwear, swimming can actually be comfortable and beneficial at the same time.

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