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Adding Music to Your Water Aerobics Workouts - the right kind and how it helps

Music is the soul of life. It can bring you up, tear your down, make you giggle or wrench your heart. It can also be excellent for any kind of workout to help maximize performance, including water aerobics.

Conversely, it can also be terrible.

The key is knowing what kind of music to choose, and using it appropriately. It's also important to make sure that you're in the right frame of mind to work out. Aqua aerobics can be miserable if you hate your water aerobics swimwear and feel awful in it. Make sure what you put on doesn't put you down.

When you start your warm up, it's a good idea to have positive music— a favorite, slightly up-tempo song is a good choice here. This will get you in a positive state of mind.

For the actual workout itself stick to music that moves as fast as you want to. This means that you want to find quicker tempo music that has a beat you can time your exercises to. This can be the rate you normally move at, or if you're feeling ambitious, a faster rate than you're usually comfortable with. You'll find yourself unconsciously trying to stay in time with the music, producing a more even, repetitive and balanced workout.

As well, having music with a driving or pulsing beat will keep you going until the end of the song, and not simply stopping when you start feeling tired. Good music can surprise you by showing you your own capabilities.

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