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Let Loose: Ways to Relieve Stress

We women move at the speed of light. Whether we are career-focused, full time mothers, balancing work and family or students, the stress of our day-to-day lives can sometimes make you feel like you're about to explode!

However, there are many things you can do to ease the stress and kick back and relax. Read on for some ideas on how to ease the stress.

Working Out. Physical activity is a wonderful and tried and true way to relieve stress. Whether you are taking a yoga class, water aerobics class, going to the gym, riding your bike, jogging or just taking a walk in the park, exercise will definitely relieve some of the pressure. Even when you don't feel like it, you will most definitely start to feel better once you're out exercising. Pamper Yourself. A wonderful way to relieve tension and take time for yourself is to pamper yourself with a spa treatment. Whether it be getting a facial, manicure and pedicure, great new haircut or a luxurious massage, you are sure to feel better after one of these pampering treatments.

Get Away. Plan a vacation or even a weekend getaway to get out, have some much needed fun and set out on an adventure. If you have a partner, then plan it together. If not, plan a weekend getaway with your girlfriends for some much needed girl time. To cut down on spending, look for deals and discounts from nearby accommodations.

Bon Appetit. Eating a sumptuous meal is a fabulous way to relax. Try out a new restaurant or find a recipe you'd like to try cooking. Whether you cook for your partner or eat out with friends, you are sure to have good laughs.

Just Dance. Going out dancing is a wonderful way to relieve tension and let loose. Go out with your girlfriends, or dinner and dancing with your significant other.

Retail Therapy. Treating yourself to a new pair of shoes, dress, bathing suit or handbag always lifts the spirits. Cosmetics like a fun new lip gloss or intoxicating perfume will also perk you right up!

What other ways do you relieve stress?

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