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Packing Light for a Day at the Beach

Living full-time at the beach or very close to a beach most definitely has lots of advantages. It is so fantastic to be able to walk or take a short drive to the beach, temporarily forget about your problems and just relax, soaking up the sun and listening to the relaxing waves. It's pure bliss to take a swim and cool off in the clear turquoise water.

Being weighed down with heavy bags, lugging around coolers and bulky beach chairs is not relaxing or comfortable when taking a day at the beach. It's much better to be mobile and pack light.

Read on for some great tips about how to pack for a day at the beach.

Using a mid-sized backpack if you are walking or riding a bike is a good idea, or a large, patterned tote if id you are not walking for long and care more about your overall beach look or plan on meeting someone for lunch, drinks or going out.

If you are walking a distance or riding your bike, you may not want to ever carry an umbrella. You can choose a hat instead, which you don't have to worry about lugging around. However, if you are carrying an umbrella, you can pick up one of those that are light and come with a carrying case you can carry on your shoulder or back.

If you're going to the beach with a friend or partner, consider a sheet and a rolled up small towel. Sunbathing on a sheet at the beach is great because it takes up less room in your bag then a huge beach towel, is more comfy to sunbathe on and more roomy. That way, you have the compact size towels to dry off with after a swim, and the blanket or sheet to lie out on.

Food and drink
It can be heavy and cumbersome to carry a big cooler around. You can opt instead to throw a piece of fruit or bag of chips and a bottle of water in your bag. But, if you are bringing cold food and beverages it's best to carry a very small cooler that is lighter than a big cooler. A good idea is to carry your water in an eco-friendly water bottle that keeps it cooler than plastic bottles. You can then stick it in a beer koozie and wrap up in a towel in your bag. Almost as good as a cooler! If bringing beer or other beverages, go with cans.

Sunscreen and products
You don't have to lug around the sunscreen aisle in your bag. Don't stick 5 different sunscreens, lip balms, hair sunscreen, lotions, etc. all in your bag. Consider taking one very high SPF (35 or up) for face, neck and other sensitive areas, and then one lower/lightweight SPF for everything else. It's good to bring one tinted SPF lip balm, a hair clip and leave everything else at home. Keep any lip balms, etc. in a pouch in a pocket to keep them out of the direct sun.

Reading material
Don't lug a big old book around in your beach bag if you are looking to pack light. You can save that for reading at bedtime. If you're looking to pack light, bring thin magazines you can roll up or little paperbacks which don't take up room.

Hopefully these have been helpful tips to help you pack light for your day at the beach!

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