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Easy Ways to Gain More Self Confidence

We women always doubt ourselves. Perhaps it's from all the pressure society casts on us, between women's magazines, Hollywood celebrities and movies, and the general opinions expressed in mainstream media.

Plus size women especially have a particularly hard time channeling their inner goddess so to speak and building up great self-confidence within themselves. The pressure to live up to a cookie cutter image thrust upon curvier women, combined with the fact that most women's fashion does not include plus sizes. Shopping can be an exhaustive and anxiety ridden experience as you rifle through racks of size 6 clothes.

But do not let mainstream media and the stores at the mall get you down! Curves are beautiful, and don't let anything else make you think otherwise. Here are some easy ways to gain more self-confidence.

Go shopping at stores specifically for plus size women so you do not have to pick through a ton of clothes that won't fit. Pick styles, colors and prints that flatter your body and fit your personality and style. Ask a friend to go with you, consult a personal shopper, or a customer service rep if ordering online if you have sizing questions on things such as pants, swimsuits, etc.

Have fun picking jewelry, shoes, handbags, scarves and other great touches which will pull your entire outfit together and really give you a pulled together look.

Splurge on a fabulous new cut and color. A great haircut and hair color does wonders for your look and self-esteem. Find a picture of the style you like so you can show your hair stylist. A great way to go about picking one is to find a picture of someone with your similar face shape and/or coloring.

Manicure and Pedicure
Pamper yourself and get a manicure and pedicure. You'd be amazed at how great it will make you feel!

Have fun with makeup and the season's trends. Don't be shy to try color! Flattering and shiny lip glosses, face flattering tinted moisturizers and foundations, flirty blushes and colorful shadows and liners are a great way to make yourself feel like a million bucks. Have fun with it!

Work it, girl
Now that you've got an entire look together, have fun with it! Look at yourself in the mirror and how fabulous you look! Strut your stuff and tell yourself how great you look. Go out and have fun having dinner with your significant other or friends, go shopping, grab some drinks…enjoy your new look!

We hope a few of these tips will help you on your quest to feel like a million bucks!

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