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Dress to Flatter Your Figure

Being a put-together woman isn't easy! It's difficult for all women to know how to dress to slim, but it is especially challenging for plus size women. Many styles, colors, prints and designs can make you look bigger than you actually are, drawing attention to problem areas instead of accentuating your positive attributes. However, there are several ways you can dress to slim your body type for every occasion.

Whether it be your work attire, casual weekend wear, dressy clothes, swimwear, or undergarments, there are several guidelines you can keep in mind next time you get ready and especially next time you go shopping. By following these guidelines and dressing to slim, you will instantly look slimmer. By dressing to slim you will look like you lost ten or more pounds without dieting.

General Tips
Before we get into the best way to create a slimming look by occasion, let's look at some general tips to keep in mind when creating a flattering look.

Styles and Cuts: V-neck shirts and deep neck cardigans are very flattering to plus size women. They are slimming, draw the eye upward, and create leaner lines and show off cleavage in a subtle way. V-necks will always be more flattering than a high neck. Also, be careful when wearing any kind of button-down shirt so you make sure you aren't popping out.

Prints: If you are opting for a print, it is definitely best to stick to vertical stripes or small prints. Big, loud prints and florals are not flattering to curvy women, and horizontal stripes are never a good idea for any women who has curves— they look best on slim builds and add curves to boyish figures.

Vertical pin stripes can be flattering, and a small polka dot, delicate blouse can be stylish.

Color: Although— as you might think— black is the most slimming color it does not mean you have to look like you're attending a funeral every day. When you do wear black, add fun, statement accessories. Pull color and style into your outfit by integrating earrings and necklaces, purses and shoes which will take the style factor up a notch and add some needed color into your outfit.

Other flattering shades for curvy women are jewel tones. Jewel tones are extremely flattering to plus size body types. Rich forest greens, sapphire tones as well as garnet and purple tones will flatter while being fashion-forward and standing out.

Darker colors will always be more flattering, although lighter colors can also be flattering if worn well.

Lengths: Length is extremely important when creating a flattering look. When opting to go short, choose something knee-length or right below the knee. Mid calf will create a shorter, rounder look and cut the leg off instead of lengthening your look. If you are wearing a long dress, take it all the way down instead of cutting off at the calf.

Undergarments: Did you know that by choosing the most flattering undergarments you can instantly slim your look? A great fitting bra and underwear, and shapewear like Spanx will do wonders. Get a professional bra fitting— most women wear the wrong bra size for years. By wearing the right size and style of under-garments you will take pounds off your look.

Next let's go into the best ways to dress by occasion.

Dressy: When dressing up or going out, stick to what works best on you. A dressy V-neck top in a dark color paired with dark jeans and pumps along with great jewelry is a wonderful look. Always stay away from light jeans. A straight-skirted cocktail dress in black or a dark jewel tone is really flattering.

Office: When it comes to the office, keep the look long, lean and professional. Pencil skirts are an amazing staple for any woman's wardrobe. Invest in several in solids like black, navy and grey, as well as pinstripes and tweeds. When wearing slacks, opt for black and make sure that they fit well and are slimming instead of drawing attention to the crotch area. Make sure they are hemmed to the right length.

Stay away from pleats at all costs! For tops, be careful that if you wear button downs they fit well. Button down V-neck cardigans are slimming, as are great fitting blazers and "boyfriend" jackets. Wrap dresses are extremely flattering and pretty too. Pretty flats will be comfortable and will pull the entire outfit together, but a great pump is always best if you aren't focused most on comfort. Pumps lengthen legs and really create a slimming look.

Vacation: When on vacation you will most definitely need a slimming and great-fitting swimsuit. When shopping for a plus size swimsuit you really need to keep your body type in mind. Tankinis are universally flattering, as are a slimming black tank suit. Stay away from huge prints and bikinis. Halter tops are also universally flattering and extremely slimming for all body types. When choosing a coverup, opt for a tunic or button down.

If you keep the guidelines above in mind when creating your look, you will look your best and instantly take pounds off!

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