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Beat the Winter Blues

Let's face it, often times the winter blues are inevitable. Being cooped up in your house watching TV and being bored, staring out your window at the white blankets of snow covering everything in sight. The routine of getting up, going to work, then driving in the cold back home to hibernate can become quite old. However, you can get out of that slump right away by thinking about something to look forward to. And what better way than by planning a tropical vacation? This winter, pack your bags— and your swimsuit— and head south for a weekend away.

South of the equator, the crowds flock to the beach. Families bring out the towels, umbrellas, and sunscreen, and spend all day long soaking up the rays. Envision yourself with your toes in the sand of Latin America's beautiful white beaches. This winter is your chance to enjoy yourself, catch up on a good beach read, and steal away from the doldrums of winter.

If you can't afford a vacation to the tropics, a weekend away at a hotel with a Jacuzzi and spa might just do the trick. Have a girls night out: go shopping for cute swimsuits, get a stress-reducing massage, and top it off with some refreshing Jacuzzi time. You could also splurge and head to the tanning salon for some Vitamin D.

Another great idea is to throw a tropical-themed luau party. Decorate in a festive way, hand out leis, serve tropical fruity drinks and daiquiris with umbrellas and play fun and happy music.

You can also bring the outdoors in with tropical plants and orchids, or just with a bright and beautiful flower arrangement.

There are many ways to beat the winter blues, these were just a few. And most importantly just remember that Spring will arrive sooner than you think!

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