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How to Prevent Swimming Injuries

Swimming has many health benefits and is a great way to stay physically active while having fun at the same time. In order to continue gaining the most benefits from swimming, preventing swimming injuries should be a top priority. With a few simple preventative measures, most swimming injuries can be avoided.

  • Stretching before swimming is ultimately the best prevention method for avoiding swimming injuries. Gentle range of motion stretching prepares muscles for increased activity. Loose muscles are less likely to cramp or strain.
  • Simple warm ups such as brisk walking or jumping jacks prepare the heart and body for more physical activity. Careful warm ups should follow stretching exercises.
  • Set a schedule to swim regularly and often. This will keep the muscles and body at top performance. Begin slowly, gradually increasing over a period of time.
  • Avoid swimming when feeling ill or after drinking alcohol. Injuries occur more often when judgment or vision is impaired. Being mentally and physically alert can prevent many accidents.
  • Many neck and back injuries caused by jumping or diving in the water head first can be prevented by ensuring water is deep enough and clear enough to see any obstacles, including other swimmers.
  • Choose properly fitting athletic or water aerobics swimwear. Swimsuits come in many styles such as cross back, racerback, and long torso athletic swimwear. Regardless of personal style choice, swimwear should fit properly without baggy or dangling pieces that could get caught or interfere with movement.
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