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Water Aerobics for All Ages – How to Cater your Workout for You

Working out in a swimming pool adds a whole new dimension to your workout. There are several reasons to work out in a pool. Most of the time, one needs to find a low-impact workout that will not stress the joints.

Water aerobics is great for beginners as well as for more experienced athletes. The resistance offered by the water takes any workout to the next level and ups the intensity. If you are looking for a high intensity workout, using a float belt and exercising in the deep end of the pool will get you the best workout. Exercises such as cross country skiing and scissor kicking while pushing the water to and fro with your arms are very intense. Assuming a sitting position in the water and "riding your bicycle" also provides a very good workout.

For those who are new or who do not want to push their workout to the next level, staying in the shallow end, doing kicks and arm rotations can be very good. Running around in a circle throughout the shallow end is an excellent exercise that anyone can do and the natural resistance of the water takes it up a notch. Underwater kicks in and out will also get your heart rate up in a low impact way.

Find some water aerobics swimwear (racerback swimwear, cross back swimwear, etc.) and jump in the pool. Use the water, deep or shallow, and you will have a workout that can be tailor made to your needs.

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