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Water Aerobics for Disabilities

Aerobic exercise performed in a pool of shallow water is known as water aerobics. Aerobic exercise in itself is one of the fastest and best methods to get in shape and stay in shape. Aerobic exercise however can be very limiting and sometimes dangerous for people with disabilities. This is because aerobic exercise requires a wide range of motion of joints and can put stress on muscles and tendons.

The buoyancy however that is experienced when in the water makes it entirely possible to perform many aerobic exercise programs without causing significant strain to the body. Nearly all of the weight and potential strain is supported by the water and not your joints or muscles. This makes water aerobics the perfect solution to keeping fit for people with disabilities. Therefore any exercise that you can think of has a "water aerobic" alternative. All that is required is water aerobics swimwear and the desire and motivation to get healthy and active.

Benefits of water aerobics:

Exercising in water also keeps you cool because it keeps your body temperature down ensuring a more comfortable and enjoyable workout experience.

It is usually done in a shallow pool so being able to swim is not a requirement and is great for people with physical disabilities who can no longer swim.

There are many exercises available so it is unlikely that there will be boredom when performing these exercises.

Most disabled people can use water aerobics to start and continue an exercise program in addition to a good diet to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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