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Common Questions and Answers from Water Aerobics Experts

What is water aerobics?
Water or aqua aerobics is a type of exercise performed in waist- or chest-deep water. It is designed to promote physical fitness and muscle training while minimizing the impact of the exertion on the joints and muscles.

What advantages do water aerobics offer?
Water resistance and buoyancy make water aerobics different from other types of land-based exercises. Although the water keeps the body light, natural resistance creates 'drag', encouraging you to work your muscles harder. And when muscles work hard, the results show.

What is the appropriate attire for water aerobics?
Wear the appropriate swimsuit for comfort and ease of movement. Go for athletic swimwear such as the long torso athletic swimsuit, racerback swimsuit or cross-back swimsuit. For better flexibility, use synthetic fiber such as polyester swimwear. If you will be performing exercises in a pool, use chlorine-resistant swimwear. These work best in treated water.

Do you need special equipment to do water aerobics?
The great thing about water aerobics is that exercises can be performed with or without equipment. All you need is waist- or chest-deep water, room to move and appropriate water aerobics swimwear. For added resistance and ease of movement, you could also use weights, float belts and flippers.

What are the types of classes available in water aerobics?
If you're looking for variety, you can do water stepping or water boxing. Switch from one type of exercise to another with ease or combine favorite moves to burn more calories.

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