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How Water Aerobics Changes Your Physique

Have you ever watched a fitness center commercial and thought, "I couldn't do that if you paid me a million dollars." Well, water aerobics is different. Being waist-length in the water makes the body feel almost weightless. This is a good workout for women as excess weight may be carried in the lower part of the body, making high-impact workouts painful on the lower joints and back. It also helps to reduce the look of "wings," or that little jiggle in the upper arms, by strengthening and toning with simple movements.

if you associate being near water with a string bikini, think again. Water aerobic swimsuits come in many sizes and the styles are both fashionable and comfortable for moving around in the water. Or you can just come in some simple athletic swimwear like a body suit or tankini. You are only required to have fun and be healthy, not be judged by how chic you are.

Still not convinced? Here are four reasons why every woman should try water aerobics:

  • It is low-impact, meaning you get a good workout that is not strenuous or painful
  • It helps burn calories
  • It's good for the heart and muscles
  • It's not a beauty contest where you may feel pressured to look sexy in order to get a good workout

So, if you can move a little, treat yourself to the nearest water aerobics class and feel good about working out.

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