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Burning Calories with Water Aerobics

As you age, you want to look and feel good. You don't want someone correctly guessing your age! Avoid this mishap by taking care of yourself and exercising. If you're bored with exercise equipment, DVDs, or jogging, try water aerobics. It's a fun, healthy activity worth engaging in.

Read the following facts and you'll want to put on some water aerobics swimwear and water exercise!

  • Water aerobics is excellent for burning calories. For just 30 minutes, you will burn around 300 calories!
  • Increase your workout's potential by adding water weights to your ankles.
  • Bouncing and stretching in the water builds your body's strength and flexibility.
  • The water cools your sweaty body.
  • Unlike outdoor jogging, which requires perfect weather, you can do water aerobics year round in an indoor pool facility.
  • While having fun, you're exercising every muscle in your body. How's that for fun?
  • Water aerobics is perfect for any age.
  • It's perfect exercise for beginners and advanced swimmers.
  • Play water polo. It's so fun you'll forget you're exercising.
  • Got stress? Put on some athletic swimwear (cross back and racerback swimwear work well for exercising) and release it with water aerobics. It's a great stress reliever and you will burn tons of calories.

Now ready to exercise and have fun? If so, purchase chlorine proof swimwear. This swimwear can withstand the high levels of chlorine pools contain. Furthermore, buy athletic swimwear that's loose fitting and comfortable. This permits easy movement.

Most importantly, talk to your doctor before starting this exercise program.

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