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Water Aerobics Breathing Techniques

Water aerobics is surprisingly difficult. Many people are quick to make fun of the aerobic class without understanding exactly how tiring it can be. It provides a great way to get a thorough workout and to tone your muscles. There are a few ways to best prepare for a water aerobics class to ensure maximum benefits.

1. Use Athletic Swimwear
Water aerobics swimwear should not be flimsy. Ideally, you should have polyester swimwear or some other variety of polyester swimwear. There are many styles of water aerobics swimwear that work well in a water aerobics class.

These include:

Using the appropriate athletic swimwear will make you much more comfortable during your class.

2. Wear Water Aerobics Shoes
In addition to water aerobics swimwear, you may want to invest in a pair of water aerobics shoes. These have special grips on the bottom and make it easier to do certain exercises.

3. Use Water Aerobics Breathing Techniques
The best way to keep up your energy when it starts to fade during class is to utilize breathing techniques. Deep breathing is the key to getting oxygen to your tired muscles. You should breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. When you breathe in, push your stomach out, instead of using your upper chest. You may want to practice deep breathing with the diaphragm outside of class first.

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