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Loving Your Large Bust

If you are well-endowed, it can be challenging to find clothes that fit well, feel supported and smooth under your clothes, and confident in undergarments and swimsuits. However, you should embrace your natural curves! Read on for some tips about ways to flatter and support your attributes.

Let's start with the foundation. A bra which fits well is the foundation of any outfit, and can instantly slim your figure. However, did you know that majority of women wear the wrong size? Get a professional bra fitting to make sure you get the right size— it will give you a slimming silhouette in any outfit. Underwire will always provide more support.

Also, try wearing camisoles with a bit of stretch in them over your bra for even more coverage.

Button down shirts are not always the best choice for large busted women since the buttons can tend to open up. Choose V-necks instead.

Choosing Swimsuits For Larger Busts

What to Avoid:
If you have a large bust, you should never buy certain swimsuit styles. If you wear a bra cup of D or above-or sometimes even C-then you should definitely avoid the triangle top bikini top. This is the flimsiest sort of swimsuit top style, and is really only on smaller-busted women since it provides only a small amount of support. Other styles which are not the most flattering choices include high-neck swimsuits without bra tops. These swimsuits simply are not a figure-flattering choice for a large bust. Also, non-supportive strapless swimsuits are not a good choice since they can cause drooping.

Now that we've established what to avoid, let's talk about what styles work best for the large-bust woman so you'll have tips to keep in mind when swimsuit shopping.

Swimsuits with underwire support are obviously a very smart choice. Like your underwire bra, they provide instant lift and support. If you're looking for a bikini and have a large bust, then you're definitely going to want to go with an underwire top. If you're a plus size woman, then you're most likely going to want to stick to underwire one-piece swimsuits, halters and V-neck styles since they will provide slimming touches such as tummy control panels and figure-flattering cuts.

Halter Tops
Halter top swimsuit styles are universally flattering, but especially for large-busted women. Halters tie around the neck to give lift and draw the eye upward. If you are a D cup or above, it's better to go with a halter style with a wider strap as opposed to skinny spaghetti straps, which will not provide much bust support. Now there are even hybrids of underwire and halters which will give you ultimate support.

Since cross-back swimsuit styles provide support from the front and back, they are also a great large-bust swimsuit option. They give you all-over support thus giving you lift.

V-neck style is a very flattering cut for larger busted women. Whether in a sweater, t-shirt, dress or bathing suit, it's a great cut for larger-busted ladies. It's an especially slimming and figure-flattering choice for plus size women-this is because you can feel sexy while still getting all-over coverage.

Hopefully these tips have been useful for you when you go about shopping for swimwear, undergarments and more!

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