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Splash Sale - Madame Aubergine Underwire Bikini
Madame Underwire Bikini
$96.00   $48.00
Splash Sale - Globetrotter Blue Bikini
Globetrotter Blue Bikini
$76.00   $38.00
Splash Sale - Pizazz Blouson Cargo Shortini
Pizazz Blouson Cargo Shortini
$71.00   $35.50
Splash Sale - Black Pleated Tank Swimsuit
Black Pleated Tank Swimsuit
$72.00   $36.00
Splash Sale - Supermodel Swimsuit
Supermodel Swimsuit
$84.00   $42.00
Splash Sale - Hosta Classic Top
Hosta Classic Top
$39.00   $19.50
Splash Sale - Bliss Crochet Tankini
Bliss Crochet Tankini
$77.00   $38.50
Splash Sale - Frolic Blouson Cargo Shortini
Frolic Blouson Cargo Shortini
$71.00   $35.50
Splash Sale - Black Braided Tankini
Black Braided Tankini
$80.00   $40.00
Splash Sale - Longitude Lanai Tank Swimsuit
Longitude Lanai Tank Swimsuit
$92.00   $46.00
Splash Sale - Neroli Contessa Top
Neroli Contessa Top
$49.00   $24.50
Splash Sale - Black Braided Bandeau Swimsuit
Black Braided Bandeau Swimsuit
$74.00   $37.00
Splash Sale - Avanti Classic Top
Avanti Classic Top
$39.00   $19.50
Splash Sale - Contender Bikini
Contender Bikini
$92.00   $46.00
Splash Sale - Jester Flowy Banded Shortini
Jester Flowy Banded Shortini
$75.00   $37.50
Splash Sale - Madame Yacht Cruise Underwire Bikini
Madame Underwire Bikini
$84.00   $42.00
Splash Sale - Curator Storm Bikini
Curator Storm Bikini
$76.00   $38.00

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For most, the thought of shopping for a swimsuit is as unpleasant as a trip to the dentist. swimsuitsforall believes that buying plus size swimwear should be every bit as fun as searching for a cute pair of shoes or a fashionable handbag. We're on a mission to make plus size swimwear more fashionable and more flattering by helping you find styles that perfectly suit your taste and your body shape. With our plus size swimsuit sale, you can get the thrill of scoring the perfect suit and getting a great deal at the same time!

Our Splash Sale brings you the latest plus size swimwear looks at special prices and is updated throughout the year with new bargains. When you shop our plus size swimsuit sale, you can purchase more than one suit for a beach vacation and save money in the process. The swimsuit sale is carefully curated to include a wide range of styles to give everyone a chance to buy a fashionable suit at the perfect price.

To shop our Splash Sale collection of plus size swimwear, you can start by deciding what silhouette is best for you. If you prefer one piece looks, you can opt for a traditional maillot for a classic look. Want more coverage for your legs? Look for sarong front suits or full coverage swimdresses in the swimsuit sale.

Two piece plus size swimwear fashions are also frequently among the styles in our Splash Sale collection. You can choose from sexy bikinis that bare the midriff or chic tankini styles that offer more coverage for your tummy. We also frequently include swimwear separates in our swimwear sale selection.

With so many great deals waiting to be discovered in our Splash Sale collection, you have so many options to choose from! Deciding which suits from our swimwear sale to purchase can be a difficult task when there are so many stylish ones available, but our plus size swimwear experts are here to make things easier. One of our Swim Stylists will take the time to get to know you and understand your swimwear needs and then shop the swimsuit sale with you, recommending styles that you're most likely to love. To get assistance or to ask questions about any suit featured in the plus size swimsuit sale, call us at 1.888.241.SWIM.