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Florals - Chintz Handkerchief Halter Top
Chintz Handkerchief Halter Top
$49.00   $34.30
Florals - Chlorine Resistant Lilypad Sport Top
Lilypad Sport Top
$44.00   $30.80
Florals - Everlasting Floral Blouson Top
Everlasting Floral Blouson Top
$46.00   $32.20
Florals - Bellissima Blouson Top
Bellissima Blouson Top
$46.00   $32.20
Florals - Lush Mesh High-Neck Top
Lush Mesh High-Neck Top
$54.00   $37.80
Florals - Lanai Blouson Top
Lanai Blouson Top
$49.00   $34.30
Florals - Titania Handkerchief Top
Titania Handkerchief Top
$54.00   $37.80
Florals - Batik Blouson Top
Batik Blouson Top
$50.00   $35.00
Florals - Ebony Frame Top
Ebony Frame Top
$52.00   $36.40
Florals - Chlorine Resistant UPF 50+ Lilypad Swim Tee
UPF 50+ Lilypad Swim Tee
$39.00   $27.30
Florals - Grenada Blouson Top
Grenada Blouson Top
$49.00   $34.30
Florals - Berkshire Flyaway Underwire Top
Berkshire Flyaway Underwire Top
$58.00   $40.60
Florals - Daisy Tie-Front Top
Daisy Tie-Front Top
$49.00   $34.30
Florals - Pindo Blouson Top
Pindo Blouson Top
$46.00   $32.20
Florals - Jasmine Blouson Top
Jasmine Blouson Top
$46.00   $32.20
Florals - Avanti Classic Top
Avanti Classic Top
$39.00   $27.30
Florals - Lotus Classic Top
Lotus Classic Top
$46.00   $32.20
Florals - Frolic Blouson Top
Frolic Blouson Top
$46.00   $32.20

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At swimsuitsforall, we believe that every woman deserves to be able to show off her body with confidence when she's vacationing at the beach, mingling at a pool party, rushing down a water slide or swimming in a pool for exercise. We've made it our mission to help women discover plus size swimwear options that don't just fit--they fit perfectly! With silhouettes that complement every figure and styles to suit every taste, we have the perfect swimsuit to help you feel confident and look amazing whenever it comes time to splash in the water or soak in the sun.

Want to show off your girly side in your new swimsuit? There's nothing more feminine than floral swimwear! Flowered prints come in an array of gorgeous colors, and you can find patterns that range from sophisticated to flirty to exotic to wild. Two piece plus size swimwear fashions with flowered prints are especially popular today, and you can get one that will provide an optimal fit even if you wear different sizes on top and on the bottom with our swimwear separates collection.

Floral swimwear separates make it possible to create a two piece tankini bathing suit that's uniquely yours. Combining patterned plus size swimwear tops with solid colored bottoms allows you to choose pieces in two different sizes to ensure that you get the right amount of coverage and that you feel comfortable through every activity. Plus, solid bottoms matched with floral swimwear tops have a slenderizing effect on the lower body.

In this range of floral swimwear separates, you'll find a wide array of tops styles. Choose blouson tops for a relaxed, flowing fit or empire waist tops to accentuate the bust while concealing the tummy. Pick a tie-front top to show a little more skin for a sexy effect.

Flower-printed swimwear separates are available to suit every woman, but how can you know which pieces will work the best for you? You don't have to make the decision alone! One of our plus size swimwear experts is ready to help you through every step of the shopping process. You can count on our friendly, highly trained experts to help you find floral swimwear that will highlight your every curve and provide the right fit solutions to shape, support and contour your figure. Give us a call at 1.888.241.SWIM to speak to a representative and get on your way to putting together the perfect swimsuit look.